This documentation describes reference material for the Buildless plugin for Gradle. The plugin helps with configuration of remote build caching via the Buildless API. See the Buildless docs for additional info including resources, code samples, API specs, and more.

Complete config sample

settings.gradle.kts (Kotlin DSL):

plugins {
id("build.less") version "..."

buildless {
// various flags:
debug = true // activate or deactivate debug mode (verbose logging, API tracing, etc)
telemetry = true // activate or deactivate private build telemetry (build analytics in the dashboard)
reportErrors = true // activate or deactivate error reporting to the buildless team (just plugin errors)

// options for configuring your API key:
apiKey(ApiKey.of("...", type = SubjectType.ORG))

// configuring local caching (it defaults to being active):
localCache.enabled = true // turn the local cache on or off = "..." // set the directory where the cache is stored (defaults to .gradle/cache)

// or...
localCache {
enabled = true
directory = "..."

// configuring remote caching (it defaults to being active):
remoteCache.enabled = true // turn the remote cache on or off
remoteCache.endpoint = "..." // set a custom or enterprise cache endpoint (not usually necessary)

// or...
remoteCache {
enabled = true
endpoint = "..."

Other resources

  • Buildless docs: API docs, reference material, getting started guides

  • Code samples: Sample codebases in various frameworks, pre-integrated with Buildless

  • Dashboard: Log in to obtain your API keys and review analytics

  • Contact support: Contact the support team by chat, phone, email

  • Our website: Everything else including our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy


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Main package for the Buildless plugin for Gradle. Includes all user-facing interfaces and classes.

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Exceptions which are reliably thrown by the plugin, and which the developer may want to catch.

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